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Whether you are a law firm, a training center, a consulting firm, an external DPO, a SaaS reseller, a software publisher, an accountant or a software integrator,


We can provide you with the right partner program to meet your needs and objectives. 


Join our partner community and obtain great benefits:

  • Attractive commissions from sales or referrals

  • Support from our worldwide network

  • White labelling to communicate through your brand

  • A unique partner portal to manage all your clients in one place

  • And much more

Partner programs

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The partner makes the sale and supports the client on behalf of Privaworld

The partner sells the Smart Privaboard software to its client and provide training and after-sale support.


A percentage of the sale with be given to the reseller. 


Recurring commission is unlimited as long as the client extend its subscription to the software. 

Image by Luis Villasmil

The partner communicates to Privaworld the contact details of a qualified prospect.


A percentage of the sale with be given to the prescriber if a sale is concluded between Privaworld and the client. 


Recurring commission is limited if the client extend its subscription to the software.


The partner communicates to Privaworld the contact details of a qualified prospect



Privaworld is a legaltech startup backed by international jurists and lawyers spread all over the world.
Our board of directors and partners include people with more than 35 years of experience in various legal fields such as personal data protection, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, contract support, risk management and more. 

We also have extensive legal experience in markets like China, USA, Brasil, South Africa and Europe.

Optimize your innovation process, increase the IP awareness of your teams, implement IP company policies or procedure...

Set-up due diligence processes, public announcements, prepare the integration, pre and post-merger activities...

Reduce legal expenses, get efficient commercial contracts, reduce workload for your in-house team...

Balance budget and risk, create sensible compliance programs, design, monitor risk and compliance frameworks...

merger & acquisition

Contract support

Risk management

Intellectual property

Contact us now to learn more about the benefits of integrating Privaworld's community



Attractive and recurring commissions

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