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Smart Privaboard

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Our integrated management software Smart Privaboard covers many features that will not only help you to reach compliance with the various regulations, but will also serve your teams as an optimisation and management platform.

Customisable, SPB is a solution adapted to each client's needs and challenges, its size, the nature of its activity, but also its stakeholders (workshop manager, administrative assistant, project manager, HRD, legal department, DPO...).

Module 1: Data Mapping

This is the essential module! It enables your company to comply with all legal requirements by inventorying all your processing activities in one place.


It helps you to:

  • ensure your teams process personal data following all regulatory requirements

  • inventory the external data recipients

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Module 2: Management and optimisation of data flows

This module is dedicated to the mapping of data flows which allows a global and synthetic view on data flows.


It allows reliable mapping of:

  • Intra-company flows of personal data

  • Intra-group data flows

  • Outbound data flows to external recipients

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Module 3: Monitoring of the compliance program

This module allows a data controller to demonstrate accountability through:


  • The assessment of its local regulatory compliance

  • The determination of the legal basis underlying each processing activity

  • The monitoring of each stage of the compliance process

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Compliance Tracker

Tracking every step of your compliance journey will improve continuity and efficient communication.


With this module you can:

  • Organise and optimise time, work and resources

  • Improve the communication between stakeholders in the compliance project

  • Get alerts and reminders to ensure you dot not miss important milestones and always remain on top of your data protection compliance

Why you need an international tool like
Smart Privaboard

Facing a global risk:
International groups must ensure compliance of each of their companies with all regulations applicable to them.
Missing compliance actions will expose them to reputational risks as well as substantial fines and/or civil damage. 

1. Functionalities adapted for each regulation

The growing number of regulations requires an ever-increasing legal watch.  All organisations must monitor the data flows of employees, customers, patients, students, etc. on an ongoing basis.

Smart Privaboard stands out because of its great flexibility in integrating the specificities that each group entity is confronted with.

2. Platform available in the language of each user

In a multicultural and multilingual context, the only way to work efficiently is by:


  • Allowing each actor to participate in the program in their own language

  • Enabling compliance officers and decision-makers to be informed of all elements of the programs in their own language

3. Management of cross-border transfers

The transfer of personal data to other countries must be subject, in some situations, to an impact assessment and the necessary guarantees must be provided.

Smart Privaboard will alert the data controller if a Transfer Impact Assessment is needed.

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